When looking for an Indian wedding photographer there are a few things worth thinking about. We know every culture has its unique attributes which are evident in ceremonies like weddings. Indian weddings are extremely vibrant, colourful and stunning in every way. From the sparkles of gold to the find highly designed attires, Indian weddings are by far one of the best weddings in the world.

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Why Hire a Skilled Indian Wedding Photographer?

Every culture has its unique attributes and these are very evident in ceremonies like weddings. Indian weddings are extremely vibrant and colourful, lively and stunning in every which way possible. The finery and myriad hues of traditional wedding attire and the sparkle of gold and diamond jewellery blend in perfectly with the high levels of energy and gaiety to create an unmatched ambience and atmosphere.

The nuances, anticipation, excitement and dynamism of the celebration can be captured through the lens only by a highly-skilled, creative and experienced Indian Wedding Photographer. This is where we at Nathan M Photography come in. We are experienced photographers that specialise in wedding photography and can cover weddings and other events held in Sheffield and any part of the UK.

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We love telling stories that make you stand up and take notice. Our goal is to make you jump with joy and touch your heart. We aim to tell stories that will bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye and ones that will warm up your heart as you reminiscence the magical moments of your wedding day.

The benefits of hiring an Indian wedding photographer

Many people wonder whether they really need to hire a specialist Indian Wedding Photographer. Some feel any skilled professional in the field would be able to do the job. But the fact is that there are some distinct advantages to hiring a photographer with experience in shooting Indian weddings, such as:

  • They have a good understanding of Indian wedding customs and will have photographed at Indian weddings of different faiths.
  • The photographers work very closely with you to understand what your specific needs are and what theme you would like to maintain in your photographs; for example, some couples prefer candid photographs while others prefer more conventional or formal style photography and the photographer will cater to your requirements.
  • They understand that every wedding is unique in setting, the lighting and decorations and that many of the features in an Indian wedding may have some traditional or religious significance. These are the factors they will keep in view while shooting Indian weddings and will capture all the relevant moments in their lens.
  • They also know that there is a level of decorum that has to be maintained; that the spaces where the actual wedding ceremony is being conducted will have a number of relatives rallying around the couple. It’s why they use the most advanced and powerful zoom lenses to capture all the moments of the ceremony from a distance and in the most non-intrusive manner.