Dronfield Hall Barn Wedding Photographer

Dronfield Hall Barn, ideally located in the heart of the town, offers a splendidly beautiful setting for capturing all the precious moments of your wedding day. It is a paradise for a couple and their wedding photographer. With a history that goes back to the early 1400s, this Medieval Barn has been restored to provide couples one of the best places in England to take their marriage vows.

Magnificent gardens, lush grounds, and the splendid Barn provide ample opportunities for wedding photography. Timbers that date back to 1430 and a contemporary courtyard extension provide the very opposite feel to each other. The Dronfield hall barn wedding venue can hold intimate or more elaborate ceremonies based on your preferences.


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The charming venue offers something unique and outstanding. Interestingly, it holds only a limited number of weddings in a year, thus making it a very special venue in Derbyshire. The beautiful venue has the charm and magnificence of a traditional site where a wedding photographer can find endless opportunities for your special day. The Dronfield hall barn wedding venue stands out from the crowd for its unique history and setting..