Whitley Hall Wedding Photography

The Whitley hall wedding venue is a beautiful property featuring a splendid building in traditional design surrounded by gardens and grounds, providing ample photography opportunities for your special day. From intimate settings to vast open areas, a wedding photographer can find unlimited spots.

The venue offers several suites with different backdrops, providing luxurious exuberance. The Whitley Suite provides a backdrop of the original stone, wood-paneled walls, and imposing fireplace. The Parker Suite offers a more intimate setting where you can witness the utmost historic ambiance of the property. Its key attractions include the genuine Yorkshire stone wall, manicured courtyard, heated terrace area, a lake, and a perfectly located pier that provides spectacular photographing area.

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Picture and Wordsworth Rooms provide splendid photography opportunities for their rich history. The calm wood-paneled rooms provide intimate settings for civil ceremonies. This Whitley hall wedding venue offers excellent wedding photography options with different backdrops. The property gives you the chance to capture all the exceptional moments of your special day in one of the most beautiful settings in England. This beautiful, classic manor house is nothing less than a paradise for a wedding photographer.

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